LISTSERV at Work Reader Survey

LISTSERV at Work Reader Survey

We appreciate that you're a LISTSERV at Work subscriber and would love to hear how well the newsletter is meeting your needs. Please take our confidential two-minute survey and let us know. Your feedback is essential to improving the newsletter with content that more closely matches what you, as our readers, want.

1. Are you or your organization an L-Soft customer?

2. How useful do you find the content of the newsletter?

3. Which type of content do you find useful? Please check all that apply.


4. How do you feel about the frequency of the newsletter (4-6 issues/year)?

5. Which device do you use most frequently to view the newsletter?

6. Would you recommend the newsletter to a colleague or friend?

7. Which email list solutions do you use? Please check all that apply.

8. Which L-Soft communication channels do you use? Please check all that apply.

9. Do you have any additional comments, feedback or suggestions about the newsletter? (Optional)

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