External Communication
Database Connectivity
Time-Saving Organization
Internal Communication

Harness the Power of Every Conversation

LISTSERV makes it easy to stay connected and promote engagement with your customers and stakeholders. You can:

  • Send email newsletters
  • Distribute important alerts to customers
  • Send event invitations
  • Receive feedback from clients
External Communication

Integration Designed to Handle Your Every Move

LISTSERV works with your existing IT infrastructure and allows you to:

  • Upload or link contacts from the data sources you already have, such as databases or customer contact lists
  • Design your lists to dynamically reflect all of your database updates
Database Connectivity

Organize the Chaos and Get to Work

LISTSERV has a powerful web interface outside of your inbox, which makes it easy to:

  • Create any number of email lists for your departments and work groups
  • Configure your lists to be open to the public or limited to your team members only
  • Assign list owners and moderators and manage your subscribers
  • Take advantage of the searchable list archives to find what you're looking for at all times
Time-Saving Organization

Collaborate and Connect

LISTSERV provides a quick and secure way to keep your departments connected, allowing you to:

  • Collaborate within and across departments or office locations using internal discussion groups
  • Keep creativity flowing and let your team members brainstorm about projects and company goals
  • Mirror your organizational chart by using superlists and sublists to ensure that the right communications are shared with the right people at the right time
Internal Communication

Security You Can Count On

  • LISTSERV scans every email for viruses before delivery to protect your subscribers.
  • Equipped with a password-protected user interface, LISTSERV ensures that only authorized users can send messages.
  • Choose an in-house LISTSERV software solution and easily connect to your existing data sources, including LDAP and Active Directory servers.
  • Delegate list moderators to supervise mailings to ensure that they properly represent your company standards.

Maximize the Impact of Your Communication with Maestro

Get the most out of LISTSERV by adding Maestro to your plan, perfect for:

  • Gauging customer interest in your products or services
  • Client demographic segmentation
  • A/B-split testing for potential new products or designs
  • Automated drip marketing campaigns
Maximize the Power of Your Communication

LISTSERV in Business

For more than three decades, businesses from all industries have used LISTSERV to foster effective communication with stakeholders. Internally, two-way LISTSERV discussion lists have helped companies to keep creativity flowing by providing a quick and secure way to brainstorm about projects and company goals. Company leaders have used LISTSERV to keep an organized structure within their businesses to ensure the right communications are shared with the right people at the right time. As the popularity of remote working rises and workers may be separated by geographical distance, businesses use LISTSERV lists to keep departments and project groups connected.

On an external level, companies have used LISTSERV to stay connected with community members. Two-way LISTSERV discussion groups have been used as a platform for customers to discuss their love for and opinions about company products, find out new ways to use them and provide product feedback. Company leaders also use one-way LISTSERV lists as their official means of communication to distribute important information such as yearly financial reports, new product releases and newsletters. No need to search for company updates on the web, the best part is that all of these official communications appear right in subscribers' inboxes.

Work Group Collaboration
Work Group

Stakeholder Communications

Community Buildings

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