List Management and Archives
Configuration and Reports
Content Development
Database Integration
Deliverability and Security
Marketing Analytics
List Management and Archives

List Management and Archives

Web Interface

Control your lists from anywhere and on any device, including tablets and smartphones, with the customizable web interface.

Support for All List Types

Create any type of lists, including announcement lists and both moderated and unmoderated discussion groups and forums.

Flexible List Security Options

Configure your email lists to be completely open to the public or closed so that only the list owner can add subscribers.

Moderation Sharing

Control your discussion lists between multiple designated moderators and set up various levels of moderation.

Searchable List Archives

Provide searchable list archives for your subscribers with three viewing modes (classic, forum and blog) to choose from.

RSS Support

View list archives using an RSS reader, and generate RSS abstracts automatically or according to specifications.

Automatic Subscriptions

Take advantage of the automatic subscription handling that allows people to control all subscriptions on a single screen.

Multiple Subscription Modes

Allow your subscribers to choose whether to receive email list messages individually or in periodic packages.

Double Opt-In Support

Set up your lists using double opt-in so that a confirmation email is sent when someone requests to subscribe to a list.

Automatic Bounce Handling

Eliminate hassles by letting LISTSERV automatically handle all delivery errors and remove invalid email addresses.

Customizable Mail Templates

Customize all admistrative messages, including confirmation, welcome and good-bye messages.

Content Filter

Automatically reject and prevent messages with unwanted or inappropriate content from being posted to a list.

Attachment Filter

Decide which types of attachments are permissible on the list and which types should be filtered or denied.


Set up topics based on subject matter so that subscribers only receive messages related to topics of interest.

Superlists and Sublists

Create superlists and sublists to reflect your organization's structure so that any duplicate messages are suppressed.

Configuration and Reports

Configuration and Reports

Administration Dashboards

Use the administrator and list owner dashboards to stay on top of all of your email lists and the activity on your site.

Customization Interface

Customize the web interface and list archives to reflect your organization's brand for a unified visual profile.

List Configuration Wizard

Modify your list configuration settings without having to learn complicated list configuration parameters.

Server Reports

Generate detailed reports about the activity on your LISTSERV site, including messages sent, bounces and bandwith usage.

Subscriber Activity Reports

Get statistics on the number of messages posted to a list as well as subscriptions, signoffs and bounces.

GDPR Reporting Tool

Scan all list archives and subscriptions to see every instance of someone's stored personal data on the server.

Content Development

Content Development

Message Posting Interface

Easily create HTML content, upload attachments and send messages with the integrated message posting interface.

HTML Newsletter Library

Take advantage of more than 75 responsive newsletter and announcement templates that can be modified as needed.

HTML Newsletter Builder

Use the template builder to design eye-catching and fully responsive HTML newsletters without coding.

Message Scheduling

Schedule the delivery of your newsletters and announcements at a specific time and date in the future.

Message Testing

Send formal test messages of your newsletters to your own email addresses before delivery for quality control.

Database Integration

Database Integration

Database Connectivity

Connect with ODBC-compliant databases, and take advantage of your organization's existing data for your mailings.

LDAP Support

Connect to LDAP servers to authenticate logins, insert LDAP attributes in mailings and to implement dynamic queries.

Dynamic Queries

Execute on-demand queries against LDAP or DBMS servers and use the results for access control and delivery.

Deliverability and Security

Deliverability and Security

Deliverability Assessment

Analyze your LISTSERV and DNS configurations, including DKIM, SPF and Sender ID, for improved deliverability.

DKIM Support

Add DKIM signatures to your email messages to ensure that your mailings get delivered to your subscribers.

Virus Protection

Automatically scan all messages for viruses before delivery for additional email list and subscriber inbox protection.


Use the integrated blacklist and whitelist system to reduce the amount of spam reaching your LISTSERV site.

Spam Feedback Loops

Automatically process spam feedback loop reports and implement the actions required by recipient sites.

Access Restrictions by IP

Limit access to your site and list archives to a local domain area or a defined range of IP addresses for extra security.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics with LISTSERV Maestro

Reporting and Analytics

Assess the success of your email campaigns with in-depth data on opens, clicks, social media shares and conversions.

A/B-Split Testing

Send different versions of a message or campaign and compare the results to see which one was more effective.

Click-Rate Visualization

Get detailed data about clicks in your newsletters and messages to see which content attracted the most attention.