Public and Private Lists
Security and Deliverability
List Moderation
Searchable Archives

The Right Venue for Any Audience

LISTSERV lists can be completely open to the public for anyone to join or closed so that only the list owner can add subscribers.

  • Public lists can be used by government agencies to disseminate important information to constituents such as meeting minutes or safety alerts.
  • Private lists are ideal for internal communication and for sending confidential documents or discussing private topics.
Public and Private Lists

Keep Your Communications Secure

LISTSERV offers top-of-the-line security, deliverability and privacy features, allowing you to:

  • Limit access to the password-protected interface depending on the user's location
  • Scan all messages for viruses before distribution to keep your email lists safe
  • Add DKIM signatures to your messages to ensure that they get delivered to your subscribers
Security and Deliverability

Safeguard Your Lists with Moderation

LISTSERV lets you assign dedicated editors and moderators for your lists, allowing you to:

  • Review and approve all messages before they are sent to the list
  • Ensure that the content is both accurate and appropriate for the list and subscriber base
List Moderation

Handle Recordkeeping with Confidence

LISTSERV offers password-protected archives for every list, allowing you to:

  • Keep an automatic record of your communications
  • Search the archives to find what you're looking for at all times
  • Make the archives public and turn them into a blog or online forum
Searchable Archives

Efficient Communication.
Effective Results.

Take control over your communications with LISTSERV Maestro, the email marketing add-on from L-Soft, perfect for:

  • Citizen and constituent communication
  • Gauging community opinion about proposed policies and initiatives
  • Building awareness for your organization's values and mission

LISTSERV: From Cities to Congress

For decades, LISTSERV has provided vital communication infrastructure for dozens of local, state and national government institutions. The signature security, list capacity and archiving capabilities of LISTSERV have allowed it to become the industry standard solution in government, from local municipalities to the U.S. House of Representatives.

At a national level, LISTSERV delivers essential information to American taxpayers, helps organize legislative logistics and procedures and supports the internal organization of complex governmental staffs.

On a smaller scale, local governments occupy almost every area of public life. LISTSERV has the flexibility to support this rich variety of endeavors, such as weekly parks and recreation newsletters, road and traffic alerts or neighborhood discussion groups.

All of these important communications are distributed safely and efficiently. The anti-virus and security measures of LISTSERV have helped to keep all sensitive information protected. Plus, LISTSERV has archiving capabilities for recordkeeping of important communications.

Parks and Recreation Newsletters
Parks and Recreation

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Neighborhood Discussion Groups
Discussion Groups

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