Learn LISTSERV from the Company that Designed It

LISTSERV® \'list-,srv\ or /'lists:v/

1. An application that distributes messages to subscribers on an electronic mailing list.

2. The original social media.

LISTSERV 101 will take you through all the steps necessary to start communicating.

Get Started

Get Started

No matter which service plan you choose, you will start here on the LISTSERV web interface.

LISTSERV List Owner Dashboard

This is your home base for all things LISTSERV. Server administrators, list owners and subscribers all have their own dashboards. The interface can be navigated using the menu on the left.

LISTSERV Subscriber's Corner

Subscribers can be granted access to archives, manage their subscriptions and notification preferences and even send messages using the web interface.

LISTSERV on Mobile Phones

LISTSERV can also be accessed on the go on your mobile phone much like an app.


Create and Customize

Create your lists and customize your settings to fit your needs. LISTSERV lists are endlessly customizable.

LISTSERV List Creation

LISTSERV supports all types of mailing lists, including email newsletters, announcement lists and both moderated and unmoderated discussion groups and forums.

LISTSERV List Configuration

LISTSERV includes flexible list security options. Lists can be completely open to the public or closed so that only the list owner can add subscribers.

LISTSERV List Customization

The web interface can be easily customized with your organization's colors and logos for a unified visual profile and an enhanced user experience.



Integrate with your databases to automatically populate your lists. LISTSERV also offers a bulk upload feature to save you time when processing your existing contact lists.

LISTSERV Subscriber Report

You can easily manage all of your subscribers and their subscription settings using the web interface.

LISTSERV Server Usage Report

LISTSERV makes it easy to keep track of the activity on your site, including the number of messages sent, the number of bounces and overall bandwidth usage.

LISTSERV List Activity Report

You can also break this data down per list and see how your lists have grown over time and how many people have joined or left your list.



Craft your newsletters from scratch or customize one of the built-in email templates. Design reusable headers and footers with company logos and links for future mailings.

LISTSERV Announcement Templates

LISTSERV comes with a library of more than 75 newsletter and announcement templates, offering a variety of layout styles and color schemes that can be used as-is or modified as needed.

LISTSERV Newsletter Builder

The newsletter template builder allows list owners to design eye-catching and fully responsive HTML newsletters and announcements.

LISTSERV Newsletter Creation

The newsletter creator makes it easy to populate the templates with content, images and links without coding.



Send your email or newsletter to your list with the touch of a button. Get the most out of your investment in LISTSERV by adding Maestro, the email marketing add-on for email tracking, reporting and analytics.

LISTSERV Archives Classic View

LISTSERV automatically maintains searchable and password-protected message archives for subscribers.

LISTSERV Archives Forum View

The list archives are available in multiple viewing modes, including Forum View, which displays the messages like a threaded online forum or a messageboard.

LISTSERV Archives Blog View

The archives can also be shown like a blog, which can be easily customized according to your organization's graphic profile.