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Turn Conversation into Community

LISTSERV makes it easy to keep your members and stakeholders connected. You can:

  • Collaborate on fundraising initiatives, activities and events
  • Allow your members to interact with each other and respond with their unique opinions and knowledge
  • Let your subscribers take the floor to build community and engagement within your group
Discussion Groups

Engage and Connect

LISTSERV offers a comprehensive library of fully responsive HTML templates, allowing you to:

  • Artfully design your newsletters without HTML coding experience
  • Add logos, images and links to fit your brand identity
  • Save time by designing reusable headers and footers for each mailing
Newsletter Templates

Take Charge of Your Organization's Communication

LISTSERV makes it easy to stay connected with your members and stakeholders. You can:

  • Send announcements to update members about important events and activities
  • Relay pertinent, reliable information to the public through an official channel
  • Create a blog and design it to mirror your organization's website
Alerts and Blogs

Integration Designed to Handle Your Every Move

LISTSERV works with your existing IT infrastructure and allows you to:

  • Upload or link contacts from the data sources you already have, including databases or email contact lists
  • Design your lists to dynamically reflect all of your database updates
Database Connectivity

Real Communication.
Real Results.

Do it all with LISTSERV Maestro, the email marketing add-on from L-Soft, perfect for:

  • Email analytics from fundraising communications
  • Gauging member interest in potential activities and events
  • Surveying stakeholders

Sierra Club

Sierra Club

With over 3.8 million members, the Sierra Club is among the most influential environmental organizations in the world. L-Soft has supplied the Sierra Club with enterprise-level communication software for two decades. With LISTSERV, the non-profit is able to connect and mobilize its vast member base.

The singular customization and structural capabilities of LISTSERV can handle the Sierra Club's complex internal structure. With 63 individual chapters, 400 local groups and various regional and national committees, the non-profit needed an email management solution capable of maintaining various levels of lists.

With the moderation flexibility of LISTSERV, each Sierra Club list can be managed by its hundreds of local volunteer leaders. And despite the quantity of lists, the automation and subscription procedures of LISTSERV reduce the need for maintenance.

The Sierra Club hosts hundreds of lists where subscribers can discuss environmental issues and coordinate action.

920 Lists
Including Newsletters and Campaigns

Total Subscribers

24 Years
Using LISTSERV Software

"With LISTSERV software, the management and subscription procedures of the email lists are simple and flexible."

Ed Paynter –¬†Sierra Club

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