New LISTSERV Maestro Email Design and Testing Guides Available

L-Soft now offers five brand new guides to help you conduct advanced email marketing with LISTSERV Maestro using HTML message templates, A/B-Split testing and forward-to-a-friend functionality.

Let email engage – take steps toward advanced email marketing

As with any communication, relevant content and audience engagement are keys to getting across to people you want to reach. Email is a particularly practical and attractive communication channel because it allows you to test and measure what engages your audience the most. This way you can continuously get vital feedback and insights into your communication. LISTSERV Maestro, L-Soft's software created exclusively for permission-based email marketing, is designed to advance the art of customer communication. L-Soft is pleased to offer you new free guides for using the features in LISTSERV Maestro to enhance your audience engagement and boost your email marketing return-on-investment.

How does your email look?

Email is such a creative and flexible medium; messages come in many formats, looks and designs. Text or HTML, although important, is not the only question. Does your organization have a certain graphical profile? Do your email messages support that? With message templates you can keep the look and feel of your email messages consistent and professional. There are many choices. You can adjust existing standard templates to your needs, create new and completely unique design templates or check into the most advanced techniques. Once you have defined your template needs, it is convenient to organize and store your templates in LISTSERV Maestro for repeated and consistent use.

We have three new guides to help you with your message design. LISTSERV Maestro has a sophisticated but still easy-to-use email template management system and toolbar. Here are some ways you can work with the templates to support your email branding:

Basic: Getting Started with Message Templates

This guide explains the basics of using the built-in HTML message templates. You can create professional looking and visually stimulating HTML messages – with colors, images and graphics – without any need for HTML coding.

Creative: Creating Your Own Message Templates

In this guide, you will discover how to create your own templates using your own content and the built-in message template system in LISTSERV Maestro. Do you have existing newsletters that you'd love to use as a template? Or maybe you have an existing template that you'd like to use as a basis for a new one or would prefer to create a template from scratch. With this guide, you'll learn how to create any template you want, from scratch, by uploading, by copying from another template, or by copying from a previously defined email marketing job.

Advanced: Creating Dynamic and Customized HTML Templates

Are you an adventurous content manager who is familiar with HTML? LISTSERV Maestro gives you the ability to expand your limits and design professional-looking HTML messages that go above and beyond the everyday standard. The advanced techniques explained in this guide will give you the power to not only enlighten but to truly "wow" your subscribers – drawing them in and making their email experience even more remarkable.

Do you have the data you need?

Among the many reasons email is a top communication channel is because it is quick and measurable. Email testing gives you knowledge of what works – and, equally importantly, what does not work – with your audience. Email testing comes in many flavors. A/B-Split testing gets right to the point, giving you the basic data you need for continuous improvement of your messages, whether they are in the form of announcements, newsletters, email campaigns or opt-in email promotions. You can test how your subscribers respond to a specific title, message, layout, image, etc. With minimal effort, using LISTSERV Maestro, you can easily increase the effectiveness of your messages and get the responses you're looking for. For the most accurate results, make sure to only test one or two critical things at a time. Once you start testing systematically you also build your own email metrics benchmarks with the click-rate-visualization and response data offered in LISTSERV Maestro.

Informing Your Email with Relevant Data: A/B-Split Testing

This guide describes how to use A/B-Split testing to measure how your subscribers respond to differences in subject line, message or layout and how to increase the effectiveness of your messages. You will get an understanding for the different types of A/B-Split testing jobs that LISTSERV Maestro helps you to define.

Are you generating enough word-of-mouth?

Often friends, family and colleagues influence our purchasing decisions much more than traditional mass advertisement does. Someone we know and trust recommends us a product or service they are happy with or shares a news piece certainly gets our attention. People tend to forward messages they find valuable, creating the phenomenon of online worth-of-mouth known as viral marketing. You can expand your email marketing success beyond your original opt-in audience when your messages engage the recipients. The LISTSERV Maestro Forward-to-a-Friend feature allows you not only to get your message to additional people but also acquire new subscribers who opt in to your email marketing program. Are you ready to let your customers spread the word?

Happy Recipients Talk: Put Your Results on Fast-Forward

This guide describes how you can give your subscribers and recipients the freedom to share your newsletters with their friends, family and colleagues by using the Forward-to-a-Friend feature offered by LISTSERV Maestro. The Forward-to-a-Friend feature lets you set up a "Forward this email to a friend" link for each message you send to your list subscribers or recipients. Using this feature gives you the ability to reach a wider audience with your message and the ability to build your opt-in subscriber list using their friends as a referral.

Whether you're working with email content templates, conducting email testing or trying to maximize the reach of your email, we hope that these new LISTSERV Maestro email marketing guides add value to your efforts to customize your messages to engage your recipients and boost your success.

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