LISTSERV Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements

This page outlines some of the most important hardware, software and networking requirements for running LISTSERV. More details and operating system-specific information can be found in the LISTSERV installation guides. Note that these configurations are simply examples to ensure good performance, not minimum requirements.


  • A computer with a fixed connection to the Internet
  • A static IP address assigned to the computer running LISTSERV
  • A Fully Qualified Domain Name for the computer running LISTSERV (DNS A Record)
  • Web server software on the computer running LISTSERV (For example, IIS or Apache)
  • An SMTP-compliant mail server through which to send outgoing mail

Example Configurations

LISTSERV runs on a wide variety of hardware options. The following configurations are examples to ensure good performance, not minimum requirements. Processors and hardware can be adjusted up or down according to individual needs and requirements.

Small Configuration


Intel Xeon E5620 processor (4 cores, 2.4GHz) or similar


4-8 GB


RAID controller with 256MB
RAID 1+0 or RAID 1 array of drives

Large Configuration


Intel Xeon X5690 processor (6 cores, 3.46GHz) or similar


16 GB


RAID controller with 256-512MB of flash-backed cache
RAID 1+0 array of 15k RPM drives

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