Upgrade to LISTSERV Maestro 10.1

Welcome to the LISTSERV Maestro 10.1 Upgrade Center. Here you'll find all the resources you need to upgrade your on-premises LISTSERV Maestro installation to the newest version.

Some of the highlights include:

  • New email template library and improved content editor
  • Support for web fonts and hosted attachments
  • Mobile tracking and multidimensional analytics
  • Upgraded drip marketing capabilities
  • Flexible privacy and data protection options
  • Improved list management and API to add subscribers

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1. If you need a new LISTSERV Maestro or support purchase, our sales team will help you: sales@lsoft.com

2. If you need technical assistance, contact our support team for help: support@lsoft.com

3. L-Soft's consulting team can perform the upgrade on your behalf. Please contact sales for pricing and scheduling. Learn more about the LISTSERV Maestro remote installation service:

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